Integrated Social Media Recruitment and More – Hello Talent

Integrated Social Media Recruitment and More – Hello Talent

Simple and Effective Social Media Recruitment


Social media is much more than just a way to keep in touch with friends and family. Today, it serves as a networking tool of unparalleled scope and reach, connecting people from around the world in ways that have been previously impossible. Recruiters and HR managers have been quick to latch on to this, and many now recognize the importance of using social media to recruit the best and brightest from around the world. Social media has also brought new layers of transparency to recruitment, allowing employers greater insight into a candidate’s skills and experience. With this in mind, Hello Talent allows you to use the power of social media to streamline your talent sourcing and simplify the recruitment process. Discover how you can harness the largest and most far reaching networks in the world.


Automated Social Recruitment


Gaining greater insight into prospective candidates is crucial during the recruitment process, and creating a more holistic picture of an individual is one such way in which to achieve this. Thankfully, social media allows recruiters to do just that, filling in the gaps left by traditional CVs and cover letters and adding to the knowledge already gained through the interviewing process. Additionally, skill sets can be matched and profiles aligned to ensure that prospective employees are the right fit for any particular position.

Social Finder Networks

Through automated social media aggregation, available in our premium accounts, Hello Talent allows you to discover a whole new world in talent sourcing. Automatically find a social media profile by simply entering in the candidate’s email address, view multiple accounts quickly and easily through our comprehensive display panel, and use what you learn to send personalized messages to your candidates. Harnessing the power of social media to help you source, organize, review, recruit, and hire candidates has never been easier.


Proactive Talent Sourcing for all Businesses


Getting started with Hello Talent is quick, simple and completely free. Take a few minutes to enter your personal details and company information to get started—naturally, you can also sign up to our social recruiting platform using Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition to our standard services, a Premium service is also available, providing even more functionality—allowing you to be truly competitive in the market place.  Finally, our Enterprise Custom package combines all the functionality of the Premium package with bulk pricing and the option for ATS integration.

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Discover collaborative recruiting, powerful organizational tools, simple connectivity options and much more with our convenient software. If you are looking for the best talent on the market, then look no further than Hello Talent to help your recruit it.