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Wescon Sourcing

Gordon Lokenberg – Sourcer

Sourcing, the art of finding the right candidates along with their contact information, is something Wescon are the ultimate experts in.
Using Hello Talent, they've been able to improve their efficiency, more effectively manage candidates, and have built better relationships with clients as well.

“Hello Talent has saved us from endless work in spreadsheets. We don’t have the risk of duplicate profiles, we can have multiple recruiters working in one pool, comments and mentions make communication easy, and we can be privacy compliant. It’s just a really useful tool.”

Gordon Lokenberg

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Their Story

The Benefits of Sourcing

One of the biggest problems we face is that people don’t take sourcing seriously,” says Gordon Lokenberg, from the sourcing and recruiting company Wescon, “You can post to a free job board and get 400 applicants or you can source 30 candidates who are both perfect fits and interested in the job. Which do you think will save you more time and money in the end?

It is this understanding of the financial befits that come from having curated lists of top applicants that has allowed Wescon to be quite successful.

The Challenge

For years Gordon, his wife Kim de Bruyn, and their team members relied on spreadsheets in Google Docs to maintain and coordinate their sourcing efforts. These spreadsheets formed their candidate database and contained thousands of rows of names, social media links, and contact information. Unfortunately, it was difficult to create effective overviews of profiles, coordinate between recruiters, and avoid duplicates in their database. Furthermore, clients didn’t have a transparent view into the sourcing process and sometimes struggled to use the spreadsheets that were sent to them.

How Hello Talent Has Helped

Since switching from spreadsheets to Hello Talent, Wescon has seen massive time savings and improvement in their collaboration with customers. They create multiple talent pools for jobs, skillsets, clients, etc. and are able to easily share them between team members and, in some instances, even with their customers.

The impact of Hello Talent was noticeable almost instantly. Kim, who has been sourcing since 2014, says, “The feedback from our clients is very positive owing to how simple and transparent Hello Talent makes things. It’s much easier for them to screen and review a candidate list.

Internally Hello Talent has made a big difference as well. Their team has a much easier time working together thanks to Hello Talent’s collaborative features, they don’t run the risk of duplicate profiles, and they can be privacy compliant. In the words of Lokenberg, “It’s just a really useful tool.” Using Hello Talent has been so beneficial that Wescon has actually started including it in the trainings they give to some of their customers. With Wescon not only are people starting to take sourcing seriously, but they’re using Hello Talent to make it easy.