Case studie

Orange Cyberdefense

Laura Bonnaud – Recruiter

Orange Cyberdefense plans to hire 1,000 new recruits before 2020. This is a major development in the company’s operations, even though available candidates are increasingly rare and less and less visible. Anticipation is therefore fundamental and collaboration between recruiters absolutely decisive.

“We needed a collaborative, user-friendly tool because we have quite a large community of recruiters.”

Laura Bonnaud


  • Scale their recruitment activities
  • Anticipate future recruitments
  • Team Collaboration


  • Use social media and job fair to attract more student
  • Source & build talent pools


  • Clearer process and better collaboration
  • Proactive recruiting with Hello Talent

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Key figures

700 employees
2500+ profiles in pools
8 recruiters

Their Story

Finding Rare Profiles

According to Laura Bonnaud, Orange Cyberdefense Recruiting Manager, this major challenge that cannot be achieved without close collaboration between recruiters. The challenge is even greater given that the type of candidates Orange Cyberdefense is looking for are not only particularly sought after, but somehow invisible, and therefore, extremely rare. She said: “You have to find the right candidate at the right moment, and in record time!”

To achieve this, Orange Cyberdefense has implemented an active communication strategy on social networks, and fosters a close relationship with academic institutions, a precious source of young graduates. This approach allows the company to identify individuals who could potentially be interested in the business’s activity; and add them to Hello Talent. Talents spotted in educational establishments are integrated into a special pool and assigned to interested recruiters.

Anticipating and Collaborating

The 8 recruiters who work at Orange Cyberdefense, including 2 in regional entities, have been assigned to 3 business units.  All 8 recruiters have access to a shared talent pool, with over 2,200 profiles to date. “We wanted information to be centralized in one single pool, to enable recruiters to share and fill out the profiles of interest to them and to other recruiters,” said Laura Bonnaud.

This being said, such collaboration does mean that some basic rules must be abided by. “We’ve implemented a unified keyword system to make searches more efficient.” It takes the form of a shared library which allows for deleting tags that are irrelevant, or that become obsolete quickly. “It was important to avoid keywords that refer to a specific period of time and that wouldn\’t be usable 6 months later – candidate availability or ‘junior’ status, for example.”

Managing Large-Scale Hiring Campaigns

The structure of the information integrated into Hello Talent is a fundamental aspect of any hiring campaign. But according to Laura Bonnaud, one of the most useful features is the possibility for users to create job descriptions directly within the tool. “If your company has 15 vacancies, all you need to do is share the link for each specific vacancy on your different platforms, and manage applicants directly within Hello Talent.” And candidates can respond to job ads in just a click – a time-saver which allows you to focus on managing vacancies and applications from a single platform.