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Christian Dior Couture

Céline Lappas – HR Manager

Since 1947, iconic luxury goods company, Christian Dior Couture, has asserted its vision through elegant, structured, and infinitely feminine collections. Although the brand easily attracts top design talent, it has leveraged Hello Talent to attract top candidates for available positions that require hard-to-find profiles.

"I use Hello Talent to proactively attract the perfect candidate when I need them"

Céline Lappas
HR Manager

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Their Story

Attracting Hard-to-Find Candidates

Christian Dior Couture is an iconic luxury brand comprised of 5,000 employees globally with 196 boutiques around the world. With $49 billion in revenue in 2017, Christian Dior SA is the world’s largest fashion group. Although the brand is extremely famous for its haute couture luxury goods and renowned fashion design, the company experiences difficulty attracting candidates for certain positions.

The Need for Fast, Proactive Recruitment

It can be surprising to hear that world-famous luxury brands would ever face recruitment challenges, but it happens — even within the HR department at the iconic House of Dior. Celine Lappas, HR Manager at Christian Dior Couture and responsible for being an important point of contact between managers and employees, helps to quickly identify the perfect candidate for certain open positions that may not be as targeted by top talent as they would be in other industries.

Our recruitment challenges are very interesting,” says Céline. “Although it is easy for our strong and beautiful brand to attract designers, it is difficult to attract candidates such as engineers who gravitate toward Tech companies.

In these situations, Céline seeks a more proactive solution because the company cannot wait for candidates for all open positions to simply come to them given the competitive job market.

In most situations, I can identify the perfect candidate,” says Céline. “Therefore, I hate feeling like I’m in a waiting room.”

Dependable, Long-Term Recruitment Tool

Fortunately, Céline hasn’t had to look far for help. For the past three years, the HR manager has used Hello Talent as a collaborative tool between the HR and Management, a personal, mobile database for storing all her qualified candidates which she can also use to improve the candidate experience at Christian Dior Couture.

To be more proactive, Céline uses Hello Talent to never forget a conversation she had with someone a few weeks or months ago and it really helps improving candidate experience. “When candidates call back two months or one year after the first interview,” explains Céline, “I can instantly view their live profile and start a customized discussion with them, which is powerful both for the candidate experience and employee branding.

Additionally on Hello Talent, Céline can share a personal candidate profile with managers, complete with relevant skill tags, and exchange comments — everything she and her team need to facilitate collective decision-making and increase the efficiency of the selection process.

I use Hello Talent to proactively attract the perfect candidate when I need them,” says Céline.