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Nisha Global

Asaf Yaffe – Senior Executive Search Consultant

Nisha Global is a highly experienced international executive search firm that specializes in locating and delivering passive candidates, primarily at the Director and C-levels.
Thanks to Hello Talent, they’ve been able to dramatically improve communication with clients, streamline important processes, and reduce time spent on documentation and administration.

“Every recruitment agency has email, but if you come to clients with a tool that makes it easier to share information you will have a competitive advantage. This gives you a higher likelihood of gaining your clients attention and pushing your candidates forward. You'll be associated with providing them with a better experience courtesy of Hello Talent.

Asaf Yaffe
Senior Executive Search Consultant

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Their Story

It’s All About the Customer

I’ve been told by clients that with Hello Talent it’s been great to have everything in one place for everyone to see,” says Asaf Yaffe, Senior Executive Search Consultant at Nisha Global. Effectively coordinating with clients, hiring managers, and other stakeholders is a key component to ensuring the recruitment process moves quickly and effectively, and it’s something Nisha Global prides itself on. By focusing on the quality of the customer experience they are able to ensure that clients keep returning.

Prior to using Hello Talent, Asaf and his colleagues were using emails and spreadsheets to share information with clients. While this worked, it wasn’t optimal. Since migrating to Hello Talent they’ve seen a major improvement in how they’ve been able to involve and engage their customers. “If you want an edge in your work and a good relationship with clients, you’ve got to have Hello Talent,” Asaf says.

The Challenge

Nisha Global is a boutique search firm with a global reach and extensive experience across North America, Central/Western Europe and most of the main commercial countries across APAC . Their emphasis is on proactive search geared towards finding and hiring passive talent without limiting themselves by geography or industry. Their agile approach to finding the best talent, along with the deep level of in-house expertise, has allowed them to place candidates for hundreds of organizations in over 30 countries and on five different continents.
While they’ve seen a great deal of ongoing success, they’ve faced challenges with organizing and updating candidate information, coordinating with clients, and documenting their work.

How Hello Talent Has Helped

Since most of the positions they work to fill are for people with exceptional skillsets, Nisha Global relies only on targeted searching to locate and deliver the type of candidates their customers are seeking. Furthermore, the types of positions they work on are so diverse that they need an entirely different talent pipeline for each position. The searches they conduct are highly complex, and unique to each vacancy. As a result, the team works to carefully map out parameters such as industry, experience, competition, relevant titles, and even cultural differences during the course of the search process.

The complexity involved in this type of works carries a risk of lost time as well as many layers of information. Fortunately, Hello Talent has allowed the team at Nisha Global to “dramatically cut the time we were spending on documentation and administration so we could focus on the thing that really mattered – the quality of our candidates.”Everyone on the team is able to share and view candidates, quickly insert updates, and work more efficiently.

More importantly, Nisha Global’s entire customer experience cycle has been significantly improved. Some clients are even given access to Hello Talent so they can see how the talent pipeline is built from start to finish. “It’s common for firms to use multiple providers in recruitment because they want to hedge their risk. Every recruitment agency has email, but if you present your clients with a tool that makes it much easier and quicker to share information you will have a clear competitive advantage. You’ll be associated with providing them with a better experience, courtesy of Hello Talent.