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Gregory Marande – Associated Director

Lemensearch is an international recruiting agency that specializes in finding the types of candidates that can best be described as rare gems. Recruiting them requires a proactive, collaborative approach that is well organized and keeps clients up to date. Previously Lemensearch, like many other recruiting agencies, had relied on spreadsheets to manage its talent pipelines. However, since switching to Hello Talent their team has seen a massive improvement in their effectiveness.

“Hello Talent is incredibly intuitive. I love being able to add everything I need in one click. The lack of complexity is one of its real strengths. This makes it exceptionally effective.”

Gregory Marande
Associated Director

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Their Story

A Collaborative Tool

After Hello Talent was first introduced to the Lemensearch team its adoption was immediate. The collaborative approach found in the tool made it easy for everyone to work together. “It’s a collaborative tool that allows you to track the evolution of a project and communicate about candidates in real time,” says Grégory Marande, Associated Director at Lemensearch, “and we can have our customers follow up throughout the course of the project. We can show them which candidates have been contacted and why. This makes Hello Talent really useful for a specialized recruiting firm like ours.

The fact that Hello Talent can be operated from any location, on any web browser, has further empowered the team at Lemensearch to work together while on the go. “Our employees,” Marande says, “be they sourcers, recruiters, consultants, or associates can work on projects while moving in and out of the office or travelling abroad.

However, it’s not just the mobility of Hello Talent that makes it easy for the team to work together, the effective pooling and sharing of information has been key as well. Each recruiter has his/her own network, contacts, and processes, by bringing everything together in Hello Talent’s shared talent pools, “We gave guaranteed access to the networks our staff have created as they’ve been recruiting. This has allowed us to benefit from massive gains in efficiency and expertise.

More Effective Database Management

Hello Talent has been a real time saver,” Marande says, “When I go on LinkedIn and find an interesting profile I can immediately find out if that person has already been identified by one of my colleagues. This saves us from having duplicates in our talent pools.

Not only can profiles be added from various social networks, but each candidate can have multiple social media profiles associated with them. This gives recruiters a 360° view of what each candidate looks like and how they might fit in with the team. Each candidate in Hello Talent can also have a CV, notes, and tags that highlight unique skills, experiences, etc.

According to Marande, this setup has allowed the Lemensearch team to quickly reference their candidate database to search for unique profiles like a “car seat designer who speaks German and Mandarin and has 10 years’ experience. We used to have a real challenge qualifying our candidates, with many of them having profiles that fit multiple positions.” Hello Talent has enabled them to more efficiently determine which roles candidates are actually suited for, and where necessary, copy candidates from different pools when starting new projects.

Intuitive, Fun, and Easy to Use

Next to the benefits Hello Talent has provided, its ease of use has been key as well. The team needed only one meeting to review Hello Talent and feel comfortable adopting it. This was a radical departure from tools that Lemensearch had previously adopted. In the past tools where complex, time consuming, and ultimately abandoned due to lack of use.

Hello Talent is intuitive and playful,” Marande says, “I added all the information I needed in just one click! It has saved us a lot of time. We’ve only been using it for six months, but as we continue to grow and organize our talent pools we’ll be able to be even more effective than we are now.”