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Nitzan Shenkerman – Human Resources Generalist

With the increasingly competitive talent marketplace, Jacada is always looking for innovative ways to proactively source candidates and move them efficiently through the recruitment process. Jacada selected Hello Talent to streamline its recruitment process while delivering an excellent, and personalized experience for all candidates.

"The interface is really intuitive and user-friendly making collaboration much easier. It’s a refreshing change that encourages the managers and other team members to source."

Nitzan Shenkerman
Human Resources Generalist

Key Figures

700 employees
3 recruiters
50 pools
3000+ profiles


  • Hard to find profiles
  • Highly competitive market


  • Implementation of Hello Talent
  • A better data organization and storage
  • Encourage collaboration with hiring manager


  • Time saving
  • Better organization of their recruiting activities
  • Better collaboration

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Finding the Best Candidates

Its always a challenge to find the best candidates, especially in a competitive environment,” says Nitzan Shenkerman, one of Jacada’s HR professionals. “The best candidates aren’t proactively looking for jobs, which means we have to locate them via sourcing.

Sourcing is a relatively new recruitment process at Jacada, but as they’ve started embracing this proactive approach across three continents they’ve seen the benefits it brings. By moving away from post and pray recruiting and embracing sourcing with Hello Talent the team at Jacada is able to ensure it brings top talent in.


When they first started sourcing at Jacada they found two key issues were holding them back: organizing data effectively and collaborating with their international team to get everyone involved.

Nitzan and her colleagues were sourcing across a variety of channels, but lacked a way to keep those channels organized. On top of that it was hard for them to organize notes, contact information, and other details about all the candidates they’d found. Without all information centralized in one location they were losing a lot of time to tracking things down.

On top of that collaboration remained a challenge, particularly when it came to involving hiring managers. The recruiting team at Jacada needed a way to make their process transparent so that hiring managers could see how their pipelines were being built. Furthermore, they needed a way to enable each manager to comment on candidate profiles and be involved from the moment a vacancy was created.

How Hello Talent Has Helped

Since using Hello Talent, Nitzan has seen big improvements at Jacada. They’re finally able to keep all their sourcing information in once place, thereby saving time and making it easier to stay on top of things. With the Hello Talent browser extensions they can add candidates from any website in just one click. Now they can source profiles from multiple channels, store them in unique talent pools, and quickly make notes, set reminders, etc. By managing all of this in one tool Jacada has seen its productivity greatly increase.

Engaging with hiring managers has also been a success. According to Nitzan, “The interface is really intuitive and user friendly… (making) collaboration much easier. It’s a refreshing change that encourages the managers and other team members to source.” With everyone working together in Hello Talent there is a sense of collaboration and transparency that ensures the entire process goes quickly and smoothly.