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Case Study — Devoteam

As Devoteam rapidly expands, they choose Hello Talent to transform their recruitment and sourcing processes.

In short

  • Devoteam has 5,000 employees spread across 17 countries in Europe and the Middle East. As it rapidly expands, the company has a bigger recruitment demand from their clients than the candidates available on the market. Devoteam naturally chose Hello Talent in their quest to more efficiently manage over 20,000 profiles each year and, as a result, conversion rates have already increased by approximately 10%.

Recruitment Pressures from Fast Company Growth


Devoteam is an IT consulting firm for businesses. The company is comprised of 5,000 employees across 17 countries in Europe and the Middle East. Their 2017 estimated revenue is €530 million and they aim to achieve €1 billion by 2020. This is proof of Devoteam’s fast growth and international expansion—it will soon establish offices in two additional countries, the Netherlands and Germany. Company recruiters receive around 6,000 CVs and source approximately 15,000 profiles per year, effectively managing 21,000+ profiles annually.


Hello Talent Digitally Transforms the Recruitment Process


Managing this large amount of profiles is a challenge in itself for Devoteam’s recruiters, hiring managers and sales teams. Meanwhile, the company seeks to implement the same digital transformation strategies and solutions for itself as it does for clients.

“At Devoteam, we are digital transformakers,” said Matthieu Rivière, Talent Acquisition Director, and charged with increasing efficiency in the company’s recruitment processes. “This is why I wanted a solution that reflects our habits and is easy to use for managers.”

Furthermore, Matthieu Rivière recognized that the ideal solution needed to be a cloud-based solution, simple to set up and create profiles, collaborative in that users could easily gather feedback from managers and the sales team also involved in the process.


Fast Results and Happy Teams


Hello Talent has proven to be the solution that Devoteam was looking for. In addition to meeting the above demands, the platform has been intuitive and user-friendly for the 150 employees utilizing it on a daily basis, which includes recruiters, sales representatives, operational managers, and directors. Every user has quick access to profiles in their recruitment pipelines and can easily exchange feedback on future candidates.

One of the very first important results has been the elimination of HR spreadsheets by Hello Talent. This transformation is a massive time-saver for Devoteam. Another immediately useful tool has been the social network browser extension, which allows fast and simple profile creation.

Given the ease and collaborative nature of Hello Talent, it is no wonder that Devoteam has witnessed a 10% increase in sourced-profile conversion rates. Due to these initial, highly positive reviews, the talent acquisition director is already pushing to see what else Hello Talent can do.

“The next step is not just to keep using the platform,” said Matthieu Rivière. “We want to go deeper into the solution, for example, starting to gather profiles at job fairs with Hello Talent.”


Hello Talent is ready to assist.

3 words

Fast — Collaborative — Sourcing

“Since we started using Hello Talent, we have become more collaborative, faster in our recruitment, and have achieved a better sourcing conversion rate.”

Matthieu Rivière
Talent Acquisition Director

Case Study — Devoteam in short

Devoteam delivers innovative technology consulting for business. They aim to be a “true game changer” by creating high added value to help clients win their digital battles. In addition, Devoteam enables successful transformations and helps establish strong digital cultures within their clients’ operations.

  • 5,000 Employees

  • 17 Countries

  • 20,000 Profiles per year

  • 150 Hello Talent users

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