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Air France

Aude Cécile – Talent Sourcer

With over 90,000 employees providing services in passenger operations, freight transport, and aeronautical maintenance Air France-KLM is one of the largest transport companies in the world. In this competitive industry Air France has recognized that its continued success hinges on finding and hiring the most talented employees.

“With Hello Talent, we are able to be more proactive in our recruitment style and save time, as the tool makes it easy for us to find, organise, and hire top talent. Furthermore, we really love working with the Hello Talent teams.”

Aude Cécile
Talent Sourcer

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Their Story

Previously Air France relied on spreadsheets to organize the candidates it sourced. Unfortunately, this made it difficult to keep information up to date, and collaboration was a constant challenge.

Organise Top Talent

Air France faced a major challenge in organizing all of its candidate data in one place to ensure it could successfully manage its sourcing processes. By using Hello Talent’s API to integrate Hello Talent with their ATS, Talentsoft Recruiting, they were able to create a database of sourced candidate profiles, organize them, and build hiring pipelines capable of meeting hiring requirements as they arose.

Manage Talent Pools

Much of the work at Air France requires unique skillsets, which means that filling a new position or replacing a departed employee isn’t something that can always be done easily. Many jobs, Cécile says, “require specific competencies, (such as developing) an effective algorithm to better manage (flight) schedules and related risks.” When new vacancies for these essential, highly demanding jobs emerge it is imperative that Air France be able to fill them as quickly as possible in order to ensure business continuity. “Thanks to the talent pools in Hello Talent, we have quick and easy access to profiles that are deemed capable of rising up to the challenges of the job(s).
Hello Talent allows users to create multiple talent pools, or lists of candidates, based on job descriptions, unique skillsets, team composition, and more. The pools Air France has created have allowed all teams to access multiple, qualified, and relevant profiles in a single click. Talent pools in Hello Talent are continuously updated with the newest, best potential candidates that have been sourced and 80% of all profiles submitted to hiring managers via Hello Talent are approved. This high level of accuracy ensures that Air France is able to more quickly fill vacancies with candidates who are properly qualified.

Job Fairs

In addition to using Hello Talent to support its sourcing efforts Air France has also used Hello Talent to manage and screen candidates at job fairs. In the past they had to manage large stacks of CV’s they’d received, and it was not easy. However, using Hello Talent’s application form they’ve created a simple website that candidates at job fairs can visit after speaking with a recruiter. After filling in just a few lines they are able to upload their CV to talent pools, which recruiters can then quickly review and curate based on candidate fit.
The entire process is noticeably quick and easy for candidates. It really saves us a lot of time (as well) because we don’t need to deal with uploading CVs into the database ourselves. We’ve also created filters using keywords to easily find the profiles we’re looking for.

ATS Integration & User Adoption

One of the major advantages that comes with using Hello Talent is its ability to integrate with ATS systems. By connecting Hello Talent with Talentsoft Recruiting, Air France is able to move candidate details, when necessary, directly from their talent pools to their more traditional recruiting process.
Hello Talent has been built to be intuitive and easy to use. After Cécile and her team showed Hello Talent to managers at Air France, “they realized the amount of time Hello Talent saves and how easy it is to use compared to working with clunky spreadsheets. They especially appreciated the fact that all of the information is found in one place. They adopted the tool right away!