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Case Study – Malt (Hopwork)

Since its founding Hopwork has experienced rapid growth, with over 10,000 companies and 30,000 freelancers now using its services. To accommodate this growth Hopwork needed a way to triple its employee base in just over six months.

In short

  • How did they manage to grow from just seven to twenty-one employees in hardto-fill positions so quickly? Hopwork used an intuitive, collaborative recruiting tool : Hello Talent.

Ease, Simplified Recruiting From the Get-go

Quentin Debavelaere, COO at Hopwork, wanted to avoid the unnecessary paperwork and processes that can sometimes bog down the recruiting process. He wanted a solution that would help him keep things organized and facilitate collaboration with his team. When he came across Hello Talent in 2015 he realized he had found just what he needed. Using Hello Talent, Debavelaere centralized his job openings and shared them with designated handlers to ensure everyone on the team would have a quality overview of a candidate’s potential.
Before Hello Talent, I would use Excel files in Google Drive to manage recruitment,” Debavelaere says, “but its features were extremely limited, especially regarding the amount of data and its sharing features. Hello Talent has provided me with the optimal system for organizing and managing my recruitment pipeline.” Collaboration has been key for Debavelaere and his team at Hopwork so the automated notifications and @mention tools have been key in keeping everyone involved and up to date. They have also benefited from Hello Talent’s cloudbased approach and intuitive, simplified feature set.


Quality Support And Agile Solution

A key component in Hopwork’s success has been the responsiveness of the Hello Talent team to Debavelaere’s questions, concerns, and suggestions. “Hello Talent had a dedicated representative in our office right away. In less than a day our entire Excel file was imported into the tool, which really helped me become familiar with the tool and understand how jobs and candidates are managed.” Additional meetings with Hopwork were set up to ensure Debavelaere and his coworkers could help facilitate Hello Talent’s continued improvement and evolution. “I worked with the Hello Talent team on several occasions to come up with more advanced features. I also called attention to a number of things that could be improved, all of which have been taken into account.” This collaborative approach between the supplier and the client epitomizes Hello Talent’s efforts to create a tool that moves quickly to meets its users’ needs.


More Than 500 Candidates Profiles Managed Within Hello Talent

For Hopwork one of the biggest advantages Hello Talent offers is that there is no risk of losing candidate information. Because all data is safely stored in the cloud Hopwork can easily stay on top of what is happening with all of its candidates. “This has allowed me to improve my employer brand by making sure I respond to all candidates, with accurate information about them, especially those who have quality profiles.” Hello Talent’s simple, integrated online contact form has been quite useful to Hopwork as well. Candidates can simply fill the form in and have their CVs submitted directly to Hello Talent, which is incredibly useful as Hopwork lacks the resources to utilize expensive applicant tracking systems. “The contact form saves us precious time and paints a very professional image even for a small team like ours. This feature is a huge plus point.
While Hopwork previously had all Hello Talent activity being run by Debavelaere, their 2016 recruiting rounds will focus on having employees work in teams to find and hire talent. “Eventually we should have six or seven employees using the tool (at the same time), this is ideal for exchanging information.” Not only will Hopwork be working together to manage candidates who have applied for jobs, but they will begin engaging in proactive recruiting – to “hunt” for talent rather than wait for it to come to them. Debavelaere has many ideas for features he can use with Hello Talent to make hiring top talent even easier. Fortunately, Hello Talent’s tradition of collaborating with its customers ensures that continuous innovation and evolution will remain a key part of the tool.

3 words

Collaborative, Modern, Freemium

“Hello Talent has allowed us to professionalize and industrialize our recruitment processes. The simple job application form and easy integration has enabled us to manage all of our vacancies in Hello Talent. With this tool we are now more proactive and collaborative!”

Quentin Debavelaere
Chief Operating Officer

Case Study – Malt (Hopwork) in short

Hopwork is a collaborative marketplace that connects French freelancers – mainly developers, designers, and communication/marketing experts – with thousands of companies.
Launched in early 2014, the collaborative platform avoids the chaos of the bidding system and provides a solution for secure payment and insurance in addition to using a recommendation system to help freelancers build their reputations.

  • 12 Hello Talent Users

  • 500+ Number of profiles saved

  • 15+ Employees Hired

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