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Adeo Research

Thomas Toussaint – Partner, International Business Development

In response to the rapidly evolving labor market and the necessity to reduce the timeframe for candidate processing, Adeo Research has come up with a methodical and standardized use of Hello Talent that has allowed the firm to save time and strengthen client relationship.

“Hello Talent is a strategic choice for company growth and better market positioning. The tool has helped us build a more efficient process which has enhanced our competitiveness.”

Thomas Toussaint
Partner, International Business Development

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Their Story

Saving time

As deadlines are becoming tighter and tighter and clients are increasingly demanding, the recruiting sector is undergoing substantial shifts. In the face of rising market competitiveness, there is no other choice but to save time. This is one of the reasons why Adeo Research first of all reached out to Hello Talent. “One of our challenges today is to find solutions that cut down processing time for research assignments. It’s also the main priority for all hiring firms,” says Adeo Research Head of Recruitment and International Development Manager, Thomas Toussaint.

Adeo’s solution is to combine two techniques that are used in the hiring industry. The first is a classical approach that involves establishing direct contact with candidates (through CV databases, alumni books, etc.), and the second is a more modern approach to sourcing that involves analyzing the global market from a global and quantified perspective. Hello Talent makes this second approach possible by articulating large amounts of data. This, in turn, enables the firm to break down the typology of the target market into segments.

Standardizing procedures

As the quantity of data increases, it is essential to apply a rigorous methodology. This was something the firm had thought of long before using Hello Talent. In order to ease the burden of organizing data in Excel, Adeo Research had already started to question its data input method. As a result, Adeo drastically standardized its procedures—a good decision, especially given how successfully the initiative adapted to Hello Talent. Thanks to being simple to use, the tool perfectly accommodates standardized texts and considerably increases project management time-saving.

More specifically, these texts relate to statuses, comments, and formatted events. They are shared amongst employees who can add to candidate files when contact has been established, and specify whether the candidate was contacted by email, phone, LinkedIn message, etc.

This approach has made it faster to focus on the essentials. “Hello Talent’s most attractive feature is its simplicity.” Creating candidate files is swift and web tools are easy to use. The Hello Talent solution is a highly strategic timesaver in that standardization enables rapid training for new employees and easier collaboration around one given research assignment. Conversely, using Excel for organizing teamwork is a tricky task

Improving reporting and client relationship

The standardized information will also serve to generate statistics. This is actually one of Hello Talent’s major advantages. “We’re looking into producing KPIs on candidate contacting in view of optimizing the process.” Adeo Research also plans to develop productivity analytics tools and indicators for the coming year. Thomas Toussaint explains that these statistics are very useful for the development of the firm because they help to better organize the information the firm has with regard to its own activities.

Reporting has also enabled Adeo to strengthen client relationship. Thanks to extracted statistics, the firm can now count on enhanced transparency and maintain closer communication with its clients. To this end, Adeo Research produces weekly progress reports on research assignments, with lists of every contacted candidate and key information about them. Importantly, “this information provides clients with an overall view of the market—something clients greatly appreciate,” says Toussaint.