Talent sourcing is a new but growing concept in the world of recruiting. While the success of events like Sourcing Summit and SourceCon shows that this field is growing, a lot of people involved in talent acquisition are still discovering sourcing for the very first time and aren’t yet quite sure what it is. Here at Hello Talent our goal is to be one of the best sourcing tools out there, and in order to do that we know we have to help newcomers gain a better grasp of what sourcing is.

So, what is sourcing?

Sourcing is the act of searching for, researching, and proactively recruiting and engaging passive and active candidates who have not yet applied for a given job. 

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Candidate Search

In sourcing, candidate search isn’t limited to just one channel or medium. Instead sourcers hunt for profiles in personal connections, phone listings, internet databases (social and professional networks, CV repositories, etc.), and more. With the growing relevancy of social and professional networks many sourcers are focusing on using and developing technical skills related to Boolean search and various hacks to find candidates and their contact information. Many sourcers will tell you that the search aspect is where new sourcers should first focus their efforts.

Candidate Research

While search is important, candidate research is also key. Knowing and understanding candidates allows sourcers to 1) approach them in a way that is most likely to elicit a response and 2) determine how well a candidate would actually fit both in terms of job skills and company culture. This research enables sourcers to create a curated list of candidates who are all good fits for the job and open to making a change. While having a small list of only 10-30 of such candidates may seem small, one must keep in mind that this is much more effective than posting a job and sorting through hundreds, if not thousands, of unqualified candidates in the hopes of finding one or two who could reasonably be considered. Search helps you find candidates, research helps you to build an effective hiring pipeline.

Proactive Recruiting

The final component of sourcing is proactive recruiting. While there are many aspects of proactive recruiting, here we are referring specifically to the engagement and communication part of recruiting non-applicant candidates. The best sourcers and recruiters recognize that you can’t just find a candidate, you have to communicate with them effectively.  They will use branding, messaging, etc. to start a conversation that eventually leads to the candidate considering herself for a given role. Depending on how a sourcing/recruiting team is structured not all sourcers will be involved in communication with candidates, but communication and engagement are key for many.

Shameless Pulg

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