Barcelona is rapidly growing into a thriving tech hub in Western Europe. It might not be at the top of many lists, but this vibrant city is rapidly becoming a place entrepreneurs, investors, and recruiters need to pay attention to. With growing tech needs come growing recruiting opportunities, which means competition for talent is going to start ramping up.

Barcelona Startups to Keep an Eye On 🚀

There are several startups that are turning heads in Barcelona. While there are too many to name them all, we’ve got a couple standouts for you to look at:


Travelperk is helping companies provide, manage, and administer business travel in one easy-to-use platform. Clients and their end users love using the tool, business is growing, and they just landed an impressive $21 million in a Series B round of fundraising. Plus, as we’ve written here, their career page is awesome.


Lodgify wants to help hotels create and manage beautiful websites that attract customers and make direct bookings easy. Most hotels have to list their hotels and manage bookings through third parties, which can introduce fees and expenses. Lodgify helps to reduce those expenses by empowering hotels to run things themselves. Plus, their website builder is pure awesomeness.


Glovo is helping to take the gig economy to the next level. Rather than focusing on delivering food, or clothes, or any other specific item, Glovo is helping to deliver anything. This concept is ambitious as it is exciting. Glovo is rolling out through several cities at the moment and is definitely a company to watch.


Typeform is one of the hottest tech companies in Europe, earning the love of tons of companies, including SEO giant Moz. They offer tools that help turn forms and surveys into conversations. Using chat automation they make it easy for you to gather responses, answer questions, and turn everything from your career page, to sales content, to customer surveys into a meaningful conversation.

What’s This Got to Do with Recruiting? ‍‍

Whenever innovative organizations start growing, they experience a sudden, urgent need for top talent. When this happens recruiters and effective recruiting strategies become essential. Good recruiting practices can help ensure you find, hire, and retain people who can help you accelerate your growth. The companies we just mentioned, as well as several others, are great to keep an eye on because you can watch their recruiting strategies grow and evolve in real time. Typeform, for instance, has taken a creative approach by offering a direct link to Glassdoor reviews directly on its career page.

Recruiting for startups and small businesses is very different than recruiting for large companies, particularly in the technology space. Use startup hubs like Barcelona as places to watch for examples, or perhaps even places to base your business (or at least your recruitment team). There’s already a ton of great knowledge in this region, as exemplified by the awesome recruitment event Hired!BCN (which we highly recommend), so take the time to network, get involved, and learn about emerging best practices.

For those who are already living and working in Barcelona (as well as other emerging tech hubs), prepare yourself for more competition for key talent. As more innovative companies emerge you’ll need to focus on improving your employer branding, optimizing your recruitment processes, and learning how to find overlooked candidates. Do this, and you’ll beat the competition and take your startup straight to the top.

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