With annual leave, lower productivity and fewer in-house resources, you may be thinking that summer is not the best time to recruit. In fact, summer offers a massive opportunity for smaller companies and startups to get ahead as the recruitment market is less competitive. Here are just some of the reasons why summer is the perfect time for startups to hire.

Improves visibility

Larger companies tend to slow down over the summer months due to an increase in annual leave impacting productivity. This gives startups an advantage as they can make themselves more visible. Depending on the industry you’re in, you may find that productivity in your startup relaxes a little over summer too, which will free up time for recruitment.

Use the summer months to focus your efforts on creating a wider online presence. With the larger companies out of the picture, you have the opportunity to get your name and brand across to a large audience of potential candidates. Post on industry message boards, join in with relevant discussions and make yourself seen with purposeful interactions. When it comes to posting your job openings online, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed if your name is recognisable.

Larger graduate talent pool

When the summertime rolls around you’ll find that there’s a new batch of graduates looking to take their first steps onto the career ladder. This is great news for you as it means the talent pool is a lot bigger and filled with eager and passionate candidates looking to put their freshly learnt skills to the test. You may want to think about how you can best attract these type of candidates. To draw in the very best graduates, you’ll want to adapt how you write your recruitment marketing and social posts. Grab their attention early by staying authentic and transparent.

Make it clear you’re aiming your job opening at new graduates and keep on top of your communication; graduates have grown up with instant connectivity so expect their employees to use the same tools.

Fewer passive candidates

It may be the weather, but there’s something about summertime that makes passive candidates more susceptible to job openings. Passive candidates are those who sit idle on job boards or on industry platforms such as LinkedIn and are more than likely to show interest in a position if a company reaches out. This may be because, in summer, startups have more time to interact and connect with these candidates. As they are more open to hearing about opportunities, use your time to reach out to these candidates to spark a general interest in your company.

Can be convenient

You may find that it’s easier for candidates to make the transition over to your startup. This is because industries are relatively quiet, so it’s easier for them to make it to interviews and slip out of the side door if successful. If they need to relocate, up and moving a family during summer can be more convenient as the children won’t have to change schools mid-term.

Gives you time to re-evaluate processes

Depending on your industry, for example, accounting, you may be quieter in the summer months. As your workload may not be as overbearing as it usually is, you can use this time to improve the state of your hiring schedule. This could be sourcing candidates ahead of time, to ensure you’re not overstretched in autumn and winter. Even if you’re not ready to hire in these months, be proactive and use the time to re-evaluate your recruitment strategyAnalyse what works and what doesn’t and use data to see how you can perform better.

Be mindful of annual leave

It’s important to be flexible when it comes to organising appointments or interviews, as parents will have to juggle childcare and holiday activities and adventures will be well underway. This may slow down the interview and onboarding process, but do remember that there is a life outside of the office and great candidates are worth waiting for. Give yourself an extended, yet realistic, time frame to work towards and your recruitment schedule won’t fall off track.

Key takeaways

With extra time on your hands, a less competitive recruitment market and a whole host of available candidates, there are plenty of reasons why recruiting in the summer is the perfect time for a startup. Here are some key points to take away:

  • You have a better chance of getting noticed in a dense market as larger companies slow down.
  • Improve your online visibility to gain attraction from passive candidates.
  • Approach fresh graduates looking for new and exciting opportunities.
  • Even if you’re not ready to hire someone new, use the time to re-evaluate your recruiting and sourcing processes.