Recruiter spam. We’ve all received it. We’ve all opened our inbox to find a poorly thought out cut and paste message that managed to tell us we were a great fit for a great opportunity while also failing to tell us much about why we fit or why we should be interested. We’ve all read messages that have been so standardized that they’ve indicated we were nothing more than numbers. We’ve all been so frustrated with the experience that we’ve written the recruiter off or blocked them entirely.

We all hate spam.

And yet, it keeps happening. If there are entire websites dedicated to tracking recruiters who are particularly terrible at their jobs, why do recruiters keep sending spam?

One of the answers is that spam is easy. It requires little to no effort, particularly since many recruiting tools allow for automated messaging and templates. As a result, some recruitment professionals simply try to blast their message to as wide a range of candidates as possible, knowing that at least one or two will respond. The fact that nearly everyone else will develop a negative attitude towards the recruiter/agency/company seems to be ignored.

Simply put, spam is bad, and sourcers and recruiters need to do their best to avoid sending it. To help you make sure you’re not spamming candidates we’ve put together this handy infographic that will take you through a series of questions to help make sure you’re not a spammer.

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