Part 1: Why should I consider talent sourcing for my startup?

Running a startup is a real challenge. You have a million things to juggle and only so many hours in a day to do it. With so much on your plate it’s fair to assume that recruiting isn’t going to be on your mind until right when you need to hire someone. For your first couple of hires this won’t be an issue as you’ll probably just reach out into your own network to find someone you know and trust.

But what about after that? What do you do when you need to hire A-level talent and you have no idea where it is or how to find it?

This is where sourcing comes in.

Sourcing is the art of finding, identifying, and engaging potential candidates (usually passive ones) through a variety of outlets and networks. Knowing how to source will give you the ability to quickly find a wide range of candidates, thereby giving your startup the ability to quickly fill jobs with people who are the right fit. Your company is only as good as the people working for it, and sourcing is a great way to make sure your company is filled with great people.

Sourcing helps you find exactly who you are looking for

Sourcing is an inherently proactive activity. Rather than posting jobs and waiting for people, you are identifying the exact skills you need and scouring the web and other sources for people who match what you are looking for. Not only does this kind of targeted search help you to identify key skills, it can be used to determine culture fit as well.

For instance, you might search on networks like GitHub and Stack Overflow as well as blogs to find software developers who are the perfect fit for a new position in your startup, but it isn’t until you dig deeper and look at their other social media accounts that you get a feel for what kind of personality they have and whether or not they’ll fit in with your company culture. Sourcing helps you have a higher level of accuracy in your hiring efforts.

Sourcing saves your startup money

Yes, it is easier to just post a job and wait for candidates to come to you, but posting comes with risks. You could end up having no one apply because your startup is too unknown. On the other hand, you could have too many people apply, few of whom actually fit the job description. In the end waiting forever for candidates to apply and/or reviewing dozens of “bad fit” candidates will cost you more money and effort than sourcing would have.

Since sourcing essentially helps you to create a curated list of exactly who you are looking for you don’t have to worry about filtering through a stack of CVs just to find one person who might fit. Instead, you have a ready made list of people you already know you want on your team. This saves you time and money on recruiting for vacancies you have now and gives you a library of candidates you can consider for new jobs down the road.

How can Hello Talent help?

Hello Talent provides an easy way for you to store, organize, and share candidates. Create talent pools based on each job you need to fill, and then use our Chrome extension to add candidates from any website you find them on. You can share each talent pool with your coworkers to make sourcing a team sport. Work together to aggregate candidate information, review them, and make hiring decisions.

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