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#TruConferences are UNconferences: no slides, no speakers, no badges. The point here is to talk about recruitiong with fellow recruiters. For the first time, a tru conference will be 100% dedicated to sourcing. Nearly 200 people will be there for this intimist event.

When & Where? September 13 2016, Paris, France


SOSU was born to highlight the importance of talent sourcing, share ideas and updates about the recruitment industry, and gather professionals to network and learn from each other.

When & Where? September 28-29 2016, Amsterdam

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“SourceCon is the place to learn about tools and strategies to make your sourcing faster, with better results. You’ll learn from experts who have been in the trenches and know how to find THAT candidate. Come prepared to join the conversation and practice, in real-time, the strategies and methodologies shared by our speakers to ensure immediate impact when you return to your office.”

When & Where? September 21-23 2016, Anaheim, USA

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Very international HR event taking place in the United Kingdom. Everything from social media to communicating with candidates will be covered in this one-day conference.

When & Where? October 18 2016, London, UK



This international conference is recognized globally as the leading event on the Future of Work. It is the largest global gathering of it’s kind.

When & Where? 24-26th october 2016, Paris, France


Join us at the event to talk about the future of work, digital transformation, innovation and meet great Human Ressources experts.

When & Where? November 9 2016, Paris, France

hrotoday event

For HRO Today, the future of HR is all about talent and how you execute today will drive the performance of tomorrow.  This year’s HRO Today Forum will examine how HR executives can become an employer of choice and succeed in the talent cloud.

When & Where: 10th November 2016, Edinburg, Scotland


How to build an employer brand, developing strategies for social media outlets, and operate data-driven social media recruiting.

When & Where: January 25-27th 2017, San Francisco, USA

talent acq summit

Attend sessions about how to build a better, stronger, faster, and more optimized Talent Acquisition function.

When & Where : 10-12th March, Dallas, USA


” This conference is going to focus on data driven talent acquisition and other hot trends in recruiting and human resources. These features include sessions on connecting business value to recruiting, data-driven recruiting trends, and future best practices.. If you register by Jan. 31, then you save $300 off the conference fee with the early bird discount. This conference is also restricted in-house recruitment and HR professionals. Any other roles in the recruiting industry need to call ERE regarding the participation opportunities.”

When & Where : Spring 2017, Las Vegas, USA


HCI believes that professional have to rethink their talent acquisition strategies into a proactive, streamlined process. This conference will focus on ‘how-to’ to build the best frameworks and strategies for talent acquisition. Speakers include Rhonda Kallman, CEO of The Boston Beer, author Jacob Morgan, and Betsy Sutter of VMware.

When & Where : Spring 2017, USA


This event has many different sessions on talent management, international HR, employment law and legislation, business management, compensation, or personal and leadership development. This conference also has many pre-conference programs, workshops and sessions that take place the weekend before the conference begins.

When & Where: 18-21 june 2017, New Orleans, USA


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