GDPR jokes

As you know, GDPR is now a big part of our lives. It’s scary, a little bit annoying, so let’s laugh for a minute!

Here is a compilation of the best #GDPRjokes we have seen in Twitter. Relax, enjoy & smile! 😁

1. “Knock knock”

2. The life after May 25th

3. Good luck marketers friends!

4. #Consent

5. “Organisations be like…”

6. The future of education

7. Best. Re-permission. Campaign. Ever.

8. “Unsubscribe”

9. Being honest now

10. Finally …

11. Bonus – Say “ENOUGH.” to the stress too!

No worries! GDPR is not a bad thing for you and your company, you can take it at your advantage. To make things easy for you we’ve put this easy-to-read ebook together to give you a quick overview of everything you need to know to stay compliant and use GDPR to enhance, rather than hinder, your recruitment processes. 😉💪 And if you’re still worried, check our article on how to manage GDPR in your recruitment process!

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