Summer brings great weather, school vacations, family trips, and a generally slower business cycle. With so many people trying to get away from work is it even worth the effort to keep recruiting at full speed? Yes!

Here are five reasons why you should recruit during the summer:

1) More Time

While business activity slows down during the summer, this doesn’t mean recruiters have to. Potential candidates will have more free time and therefore be easier to approach. Use the summer as a way of building up your talent pipeline (with Hello Talent of course!) before hitting the fall hiring sprint.

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2) More Visibility

Since a lot of companies slow down their hiring during the summer you can use this time to increase your visibility. Extra job posts, increased recruitment marketing, and more recruiting from your team will give you an advantage of the competition.

3) Passive Candidates Become Active

Even people who like their jobs get bored during the summer and start wondering what else is happening on the job market. Keep an eye out for candidates who update their professional profiles, it could mean they’re ready for a new challenge.

4) Lots of Fresh Graduates

While some graduates may already have employment right out of school, many of them enter the summer having finished their studies and looking for their first jobs. Keep an eye out for these energetic, ambitious graduates who are eager to make a good first impression.

5) Stabilize Your Hiring Pattern

By pushing to make some hires during the summer you’ll stabilize your annual hiring pattern and prevent managers and HR from being overloaded by having too many new employees at once. You can also use the summer slowdown to meet with hiring managers and others to iron out key recruiting strategies and metrics.

Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the weather, but the slow business this time of year creates also give you the perfect opportunity to find and hire great candidates.