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From our HQ in Paris—we are pleased to share what the team has been working on over the past few months! We’ve been creating a ton of great features to improve your manager/recruiter experience, and help you better engage with your candidates.


Benefit from five prepackaged reports that allow you to monitor your recruiting activity from one central page. These reports include Pipeline, Time to Hire, Sources, Candidate Acquisition and Team Productivity.

Every Hello Talent customer has instant access to these reports and can easily visualize and filter through the information that pertains to them.

reports in hello talent reporting
Visualize the sources for all or certain talent pools

Learn more about Reports in the Help Center or click here to access your reports.


Notifications & Activity

A new activity feed has been created for all activity, which is separate from the notifications tab. Now, you will only notified when it directly concerns you (tagged in a comment, assigned to a candidate, etc.).

After feedback from several of our customers, we changed how notifications worked. This means that you will only notified with important information, to help you stay more focused. All activity can still be found on the new activity feed page.

In order to more easily sift through the large amount of activity, you can apply one or several filters.

activity feed with notifications
Activity feed in the background, with relevant notifications in a separate tab

Learn more about Notifications & Activity in the Help Center or click here to check your Activity page.

hello talent pool page
Pool page with favorite pool at the top

Pool homepage 

This is an entirely new feature! Before, you landed directly in the last pool that you had been using. The pool page allows us to have one central page where you can quickly access everything you need.

  • Favorites – a heart icon makes it easy to recognize, and puts the pool at the top of the page
  • Quick status search – simply click on the circle (“16 profiles”) to see a quick view of all of the statuses found in the pool. Click on a status to be directly brought to the search results for this status, in this pool.
hello talent - status quickview
Quickly view the statuses of the entire talent pool.


advanced search - selected status - hello talent
Advanced search with the selected status


  • Join/leave a pool – you can now easily join or leave a pool, directly from the pool page.
leave talent pool hello talent
Click on the three dots to leave a pool


join open pool hello talent
Join any open pool in the “Other pools” tab

Multiple CV Upload

For Enterprise plan holders, you can now upload several CVs in one go. Simply click on the shift key when you choose files to select multiple at a time.

join open pool
Save time by adding multiple CVs in one go


Next product update: we’ve got an awesome AI project in the works that is going to help you constantly re-engage your talent pools! Follow us on and Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date!