product update hello talent

GDPR (General Data Processing Regulation) is here! It delivers a harmonized data protection laws across the EU and it concerns everyone.

Hello Talent released features that allows you to be compliant. Here is how you should do:

1. You have to activate the feature for each one of your pools

2. After adding a profile, you can send them a request of consent. For that, you can click the “Send a request” button. Hello Talent will then open an email tab with an example template you can use.


3. On the profile side, he or she will open a consent page that will look like this:

Here, the profile can give or take his/her consent back as well as edit personal data.

4. You can check the status of each consent on profiles pages or with the advanced search.


To help you, here is a consent workflow you should use:

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at!