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Career site

You can now easily tell the world about job opportunities and attract new candidates with our career site.

Customize the look and feel of your own career site with a logo and background image, describe what makes your company interesting to candidates and hit publish! You’ll have your own place on the Internet with the list of your current job opportunities.

Ready to get started? Here’s an article to help you set up your career site.



Do you want to be compliant with GDPR and privacy laws, but still want to keep reporting data, and remember profiles that have not been a good fit? Then you will love our new anonymization feature.

Anonymization will remove a profile from your profile list, but non-personal data will still show up in reports (for example not losing the total count of profiles you’ve considered for a position). Plus, if you later add a profile that was previously anonymized, Hello Talent will conveniently show it on the profile, so that you don’t contact by mistake someone who you rejected before for example.

You can anonymize a specific profile, or do a mass manual anonymization. With an enterprise licence, you can even set up automated anonymization so that profiles without consent get automatically anonymized after a period of time you decide.

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Mobile search

Our mobile application has been getting some love as well. Now it’s possible to search directly in the app, and you can find in one click your assigned profiles. Very useful for hiring managers who want to give feedback quickly only on candidates they need to review !