Hello Talent has grown a lot in the past several months. We’ve added thousands of new users and have introduced several updates and new features. Our goal has always been to make Hello Talent one of the best recruiting tools available, so we’re pleased to announce the release of our first set of optional, premium features that will be releasing on 15 November, 2016. Under this setup we will continue to offer basic, useful features to you, our users, at no cost, while also offering excellent, paid premium features to those who want to upgrade.

Here’s a breakdown of what that will look like:

So how will this work?

As a premium user you will be able to take full advantage of the power of Hello Talent. You’ll be able to create an unlimited amount of talent pools and share them with as many people as you need. You’ll also have access to extra premium features that we will be rolling out over the coming months.

Our first set of features, available on 15 November, are: Social Finder, Messaging, and Organizations.

Social Finder

Social Finder is a tool that will allow you to get a full view of a candidate’s online presence to determine both how to best approach them and how they will fit in on your team. It does this by using his/her email address to automatically find all associated social media profiles and websites, thereby giving you a true 360º view of that person.




With Messaging you will be able to send emails to candidates directly from Hello Talent. Rather than manage all your communications in an email service you can message them directly from Hello Talent. This will enable you to store all relevant conversations under a given candidate profile and help you and your team stay on top of what is happening with everyone in your talent pools.


organisation visuals blog post

The organizations feature is perfect for companies and professionals who want to effectively manage which team members have access to various talent pools. You’ll be able to designate your specific company, create standardized talent pools shared with everyone on your team, and easily manage accounts.

Free Users

Free users will still be able to make and share talent pools, but will be limited to two pools, with three invites available per pool. Aside from these limitations, the overall experience of using Hello Talent will remain the same. This means that features like the Chrome extension, tags and job profiles, @mentions, assignable profiles, the application form, and other features currently found in Hello Talent will remain available. For some users, this will be enough. Then, once your workload expands and you need more features you can easily upgrade.


You can upgrade to Hello Talent Premium on 15 November by clicking on your profile picture in Hello Talent and clicking the “subscribe” button. You’ll be able to use a free 30-day trial to start.

We are also offering a special deal to all of our early adopters. Users who have created an account no later than 14 November and subscribe to a year-long subscription can get a 50% discount. To have access to this offer you must create an account and then send an email to contact@hellotalent.com no later than 14 November.

Users who sign up and subscribe on or after 15 November will be able to receive a 30% discount on an annual subscription. This promotion will run through 31 December, 2016.


Hello Talent premium will cost €49.00 per user per month (excluding VAT), with special bulk pricing available for companies that plan to have a high volume of users. We also have a special enterprise edition that includes ATS integration. To learn more email us at contact@hellotalent.com.

*Features, release dates, and prices, while planned, can be subject to change.