Anyone with even a basic knowledge of modern day recruitment will know the days of reactive employee searches are long gone. Talent pools – essentially databases of prospective employees – are an essential tool in getting ahead in finding the right candidate for the right role at the right time. Clearly, talent pools are the go-to place when a vacancy needs to be filled, but in order to be effective, talent pools must be consistently nurtured.

Here’s how:

Grow your talent pools

As a fundamental part of your recruitment process, your talent pools will be at their best when they are regularly refreshed. You want to make it easy to get the people you may soon be looking for on your radar. To achieve this, ensure you have the systems in place to collate and create searchable talent pools internally, but also seek ways to invite both active and passive candidates to register with you. As always, it will be key to ensure you can effectively rate individuals before you add them, allow for updates to reflect new experience or qualifications and rule out those who aren’t right for you.


Communicate with those in your talent pools

As with so many things in business and life, first impressions count for a lot. So, make efforts to get your outreach to potential employees right from the start. In order to comply with GDPR requirements, if nothing else, you’ll need to make contact with those you add to your talent pools, but don’t let this be just a formality.

Make sure you start as you mean to go on by making the first contact as personal, enthusiastic and welcoming as possible, even if you can’t offer them a position right now. Then seek to keep your talent pool involved and informed about your business via a newsletter, social media channels or, in the case of those at the top of your list, more direct engagement such as email or even an invitation to an event or lunch.

Remember the tone and amount of contact must be considered and tailored. Frequent or pushy contact with a passive candidate who is not currently seeking to move may not be well received.


Create a community to nurture your talent pools

Social media, your website and your existing employees are all valuable ways to connect with great new employees. Regularly updating these channels with news of what is going on within the company, exciting developments, interesting projects and events will all help catch the eye of those within your existing talent pools and other great prospects you might like to add. Ensure you have a great career page that engages and invites speculative applications and encourage and reward existing staff for recommending you to new talent.


Use your technology to best effect to nurture talent pools

Almost universally we, as information technology users, are guilty of using only a tiny percentage of the capability of the systems and software we have at our fingertips. Getting to know the features of your applicant tracking system and supporting software may enable you to rate candidates for particular positions or comment and share with relevant colleagues.

Make sure you set aside the time to review and update your talent pools based on feedback, inward communication and the changing needs of your business.


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Key takeaways

Creating talent pools is a necessity in modern day proactive recruitment but nurturing them needs to be as high on the priority list.

Nurture your talent pools by:

  • Making it simple for your talent pools to grow and allow them to be added to both internally and externally
  • Communicate with your talent pools – make early contact with those you add and then revisit. Consider social media, newsletters and even direct emails or invitations to events or lunches
  • Create a community to keep your talent pools involved and informed via your website, existing staff and social media
  • Use technology to sift, rate, update and internally share your talent pools


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