We are pleased to announce that, as of 15 November, 2016, talent sourcers and recruiters will now have even more features available to them in Hello Talent. Effective today users who purchase a premium subscription will have access to unlimited talent pools, unlimited sharing, Social Finder, Messaging, and Organizations.

Social Finder

social finder

Social Finder allows you to automatically aggregate a candidate’s social media profiles simply by using their email address. This feature will help you to gain greater insights into how and on what network you can best approach candidates as well as use their information to gain a better understanding of how they will fit in on your team. Social media recruiting is much easier now thanks to this tool.



Messaging allows you to send emails to candidates directly from Hello Talent and then store those emails directly under the candidate’s profile. Thanks to this feature you’ll no longer be stuck switching back and forth between your recruiting tools and your email account. Messages will be copied to the email associated with you account, so you can keep track of things there, and will be sent to candidates with an @yourcompanyname email address. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, so please don’t spam your candidates. 😊


organisation visuals blog post

With the Organizations tool you’ll be able to manage which pools are shared with everyone on your team. You’ll also be able to determine how you will be adding colleagues, partners, hiring managers, etc. to your pools.

More to Come!

There are a lot more features set to come out in the coming months, and premium subscribers will have access to them as soon as they launch. Create your free account today and sign up for premium by clicking on the subscriptions tab!

For more details email us at contact@hellotalent.com.