Search smarter.

We are reinventing the search experience in Hello Talent, so you can find more relevant profiles in fewer clicks!

new global search design in hello talent
New cross-pool search with “profiles” tab


Why are we upgrading the search experience? 

Many of you use Hello Talent search to find suitable candidates. As your talent pools grow, this feature becomes even more critical for you to quickly find candidates based on their skillset, their current status in your recruiting process or their source.

To be more productive, you also need to save time by sending emails to multiple candidates at once, or by quickly moving them to another pool. We’ve taken your feedback into account over the last few months, notably on how you would like the search to be more precise and easy-to-use.

So, we listened! We are upgrading the Hello Talent search experience, from top to bottom, to help you find the right candidates, faster.

What upgrades can you expect?

Improved search relevance

  • Get more pertinent results for your searches, depending on several factors.


Cross-pool search

  • Search for a candidate or tag across several or all of your pools – accessible directly from the homepage.


Bulk actions

  • Apply actions to several profiles at the same time.


Easy sorting

  • Few options to sort, but much easier to understand, with better results.


Better filtering

  • The whole filter section on the left of the search page is more clear, with a new UI. No greyed-out sections, and no more empty tags or statuses – you’ll only see the tags, statues, etc. that apply to your search.


Candidate identification across your entire organization

  • Candidates are identified by a colored label that corresponds to their pool. This is especially useful the cross-pool search, where you want to see which pools the candidates belong to at a glance.


Global search history

  • See your search history below the search box and save typing by simply clicking on your past searches to see these results.


 “Boolean” search

  • Use AND, OR, NOT and quote marks (“”) to better tailor your search results.


Document search

  • All documents are parsed so that you can search for specific keywords on candidate profiles, as well as in the documents attached to their profiles.


“Profiles” tab

  • New tab that gathers all the profiles, from all pools, that match your search.