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Far too many organizations take a passive, post and pray approach to recruiting. In their efforts to fill jobs they build a decent careers page on their website and spend some time creating an attractive employee value proposition, but when it comes to actual recruiting little effort is made. Instead, more often than not, organizations will simply post a job opening and wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

A huge amount of time is lost on fruitlessly waiting for ideal candidates who are not actively looking for a new job and/or don’t realize why they should want to work for you. The ensuing lack of well qualified people forces companies to either settle for mediocre hires or spend more time hoping for the right person to come along. Either choice can hurt the company in the long run. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Organizations that want to hire top talent can shift away from the “post and pray” approach and start engaging in proactive recruiting.

Proactive recruiting is all about identifying what roles your company needs to fill both now and in the future and creating and filling talent pipelines to accommodate these needs. Filling these pipelines requires you to go to talent rather than wait for them to come to you. This can involve (among other things) looking in your own personal network, messaging people on LinkedIn, searching on other sites and blogs, and/or using Boolean search techniques.  The trick is to recognize that a lot of people out there aren’t necessarily looking for jobs, but would be open to a change if approached with the right opportunity.

Some organizations are great at proactive recruiting and are quite successful at finding and hiring talent. However, if your company isn’t there yet here are some tips on how to start proactively recruiting.

  • Operate under the assumption that at least half of the best prospects out there are not actively looking for jobs, which means you have to go to them. This will put you and your colleagues in more of a “hunting” mindset
  • Set reportable goals for how many passive candidates you want to add to open jobs
  • Don’t rely on just one or two networks when searching for prospects – look EVERYWHERE
  • Do not spam your prospects. Instead try sending personalized messages. You’ll get better results and protect your brand
  • Don’t just ask your team for employee referrals, personally work with them to get referrals, and then keep your employees up to date on their status
  • Identify jobs you don’t have open now, but will have open later, and start listing names of potential hires you want to make down the road. This can be a huge time saver

There are many more actions that can be taken of course, but these points can help you get started.

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