The growing role of talent sourcing and proactive recruiting was highlighted last week during Sourcing Summit Europe (SOSUEU).  For three days the best sourcers from around the world gathered in Amsterdam to share searching tips and hacks, assess talent acquisition trends, and remind everyone about the human side of sourcing. Hello Talent had the opportunity to be there to cover SOSUEU (we loved it BTW). Here are our key take-aways:

Growing Talent Opportunities in Eastern Europe and Israel

A great way to find indicators of economic growth and business/technological innovation is to look for where new sourcers are coming from. Where one finds new sourcers one finds new batches of jobs to fill, and where there are lots of jobs to fill there is usually some form of economic expansion. The areas that saw the greatest uptick in SOSUEU participation were the countries of Eastern Europe as well as Israel.  Sourcers from each country indicated that they are seeing serious upticks in the number of locally based startups that are growing, succeeding, and looking to hire more great candidates. Simultaneously, they are also seeing other countries coming to them to open offices as well as harness outsourcing work (particularly in IT), which has increased the demand for talent as well.

What does all this mean? On the one hand it means that there are now more players on the field competing for great candidates. On the other hand, it also means that sourcing is growing as a global industry, which will likely lead to an increase in the number of tips and tricks shared within the community as well as a proliferation of tools dedicated to helping sourcers succeed. The growth we’ve witnessed as SOSUEU is great to see and is something that will benefit the entire global sourcing community.

Sourcing Teams Are Getting Bigger

Last year the Hello Talent team visited SOSUEU for the very first time. During this first visit the majority of sourcers we spoke with were the only ones in their organizations engaging in talent sourcing. This year things were remarkably different. At least half of the people we spoke with were on sourcing teams that had three or more sourcers on them. This indicates that not only is sourcing growing globally, but that whole teams are being created to focus on this. To take advantage of this trend sourcers will need to use new tools and techniques to ensure their teams are able to effectively collaborate to deliver optimal results.

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Robots are Coming, but Hacks Still Matter

Recruiting, like any other industry, is being significantly affected by technological advancements. Automation is transforming how we find candidates, how we attract them, and how we communicate with them. However, this does NOT mean that all sourcers and recruiters are going to be replaced by machines. While current trends indicate that a lot of the work involved in searching for candidates and advertising to them will be done by machines, good hacking, problem solving, and creative skills will still be needed.

Speakers like Irina Shamaeva, Josef Kadlec, and Billy McDiarmid all showed off hacking tricks that take advantage of existing technology and show that sourcers are still indispensable in the world of talent acquisition. Furthermore, speakers like Jim Stroud gave us glimpses into the future and showed us that machines aren’t going to be replacing us, they’ll be assisting us and helping us to do better work and focus on the more human part of sourcing.

Which brings us to our next point…

Sourcing Goes Human

 As search tools become more advanced sourcers will spend less time focusing on the search part of sourcing and will spend more time communicating with, nurturing, and managing candidates. This human side of sourcing is growing increasingly relevant and received a lot of attention from speakers. Gordon Lokenberg of People Sourcing Crew gave a presentation on how to effectively manage a project, particularly when it comes to working with the hiring manager. Glenn Cathey, spoke about things like positive psychology, social engineering, and building rapport through empathy to ensure positive long-term results. Finally, our very own Alexandre Pachulski talked about using the collective knowledge shared by groups of people to improve not only how many candidates we find, but how we find and hire them.

Final Thoughts

Sourcing Summit Europe 2016 was an amazing event and is one we happily recommend to anyone with a passion for talent sourcing. There was so much to learn and so many incredibly talented people to connect with. To learn more about SOSUEU visit To see more about what events we are attending, what blogs we’re reading, and how we feel about the future of talent sourcing follow us Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn