Recruiting for your team is exciting, as you reach out to and interview various candidates who can help improve and shape your business. However, it never hurts to have a second opinion to support your decision.

When hiring for your IT department, it’s important everyone in the business has an input – but if you have a sales team, theirs is perhaps the most important of all. You can involve the whole team – depending on its size – or work closely with the sales manager to find the right candidate for the position and to meet their needs.

Here’s why you should involve your sales representatives when hiring IT professionals:


  1. They use the important software and project management systems

Your sales representatives are likely to be the main users of your project management system. They no doubt utilise software to track their wins and losses and store important contacts to pitch to, so require the support of the IT department the most. If this system goes down and the IT support isn’t sufficient to fix it, this could result in a loss of sales and productivity – impacting the business as a whole.

Therefore, it’s important you get them involved when hiring the right person for the role. They will know what questions to ask an IT representative to ensure they are comfortable fixing and using the system they have become accustomed to. They understand the issues that come with using it and what an IT person needs to do to keep things running smoothly.


  1. They may be able to pick things out in a CV that you hadn’t noticed

Ask a sales rep to look at the CVs and check for anything they think will help them in their everyday role. It may be a skill the candidate has, a qualification, or experience in a certain piece of tech. You can then ask about this in the interview to find out more and determine whether they’re right for the role.


  1. The sales representatives need to get along with the new hire

It’s safe to say, because your sales team will be using that all-important software the most and require your IT professional’s help more out of all other teams, they need to get along. While you can’t guarantee, just on the basis of an interview process, that they’ll be best friends when working together in the long term, you can get a good steer from your sales representative as to whether they will be able to work together professionally or not. Having a sales representative involved with interviews is certainly one way to do this.


  1. You can ask them what qualities they believe are important in an IT role

Speak to your sales team beforehand, to ask what they consider to be the most important qualities an IT professional should have to support them.

Would they prefer a person who can tell them what they need to do clearly and without too much jargon? Do they want IT support that simply fixes the problem or shows them how to make the fixes themselves if it happens again? Your sales representatives know what they need and can give you their thoughts when looking at CVs, or when coming up with questions to ask those you choose to interview.


  1. They can tell you what needs changing…

And, in turn, you can find someone who can make those changes. If your sales team need a new system or an updated way of managing their work, ask those you are interviewing how they would tackle this, then feed back to them. They may be able to help you choose the right person depending on the answer you get.


  1. They can set the candidate a task to test their skills

Ask your sales team what goes wrong most regularly and then set up a test task for your interviewee to fix during the interview or simply ask them to explain how they would go about resolving it. It’s a good way of whittling out candidates who perhaps don’t have a strong enough skill set for the role – especially if you use a complicated system.


Try to involve your sales team when hiring a new IT support professional and ensure you’re getting the right person for the job. Your sales team are likely to be the backbone of your business, so ensuring they’re supported is of the utmost importance.


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