Good recruiters don’t want static, clumsy spreadsheets when managing candidates.
They want Hello Talent.

Modern, proactive recruiting requires you to look everywhere online for candidates, keep their information organized, and share it with others. In the past, recruiters would store all this information in spreadsheets, but these documents are often hard to share, difficult to keep up to date, and almost impossible to keep organized.

Fortunately, with Hello Talent you don’t have to use spreadsheets anymore. Instead you can work in talent pools, easily aggregate and summarize candidate data, add more candidates in one click, and share the pools with others to foster a collaborative process.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and say hello to Hello Talent.

Talent Pools

Talent pools provide you with an easy way to store candidates for jobs, teams, etc.

Candidate Overviews

Create custom tags to note specific skills and experiences that stand out.

Use ratings to determine how well someone might fit.

Work with customizable statuses to keep on top of what is happening with each candidate.

Share and collaborate

Rather than struggle to see who has which version of what spreadsheet (confusing right?) simply share your talent pools. Invite fellow recruiters, hiring managers, etc. to view your talent pools and work together to hire the best person for the job!

Upload and store documents

Keep CV’s, cover letters, and other documents related to candidates in one place.

With Hello Talent you can leave the days of using spreadsheets far behind. So what are you waiting for? Create your free account today!