product update hello talent

Here are some of the latest features we’ve added, and we’re pretty excited about them!

Duplicate Tracking

Hello Talent will automatically provide you with an indication about possible duplicates if it appears that a candidate has a profile listed in pools other than the one you have selected.

You can click on the profiles as they appear in order to view them in other pools.

Note: Each profile exists independently of the others. This allows you to have the same person in unique processes in separate pools. 

Email Conversations

Now, when candidates respond to emails you send via Hello Talent their response will appear directly in their timeline as well as be copied to your own email address.

This feature is available to Premium and Enterprise customers only.

CV Parsing

You can upload CVs to Hello Talent and use our CV parsing feature to automatically create new profiles along with key information like name, current title, contact details, etc.

This is great for managing incoming applicants as well as sourcing candidates from CV databases and job boards.

CV parsing is available to Enterprise customers only. To learn more send an email to

Smarter, Faster, Hire

We’ve also fixed several bugs to improve how information is displayed and how quickly Hello Talent works for you.

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