product update hello talent

We have two big feature updates for you this week.

We’ve adjusted the application form to make it responsive to mobile phones and tablets. We’ve also created a new feature that allows you to download individual profiles from Hello Talent in PDF form.

Responsive Application Form

When using the application form (found in each talent pool under the “manage” button) you may find that people are trying to submit their profiles to your talent pools via their mobile phones or tablets. To ensure these applicants have a smooth experience we’ve made the form responsive. This means that it will automatically adjust in appearance based on the screen that is displaying it. This feature is available to both free and Premium users.

Application form in Hello Talent

Download Profile as PDF

If you find that it is sometimes easier to send an individual profile to someone rather than share your entire talent pool with them you can now download that profile as a PDF and then email it to them. The PDF will include active links to any social media accounts and websites you have included. This feature is only available to Premium users.

Download profiles as PDFs image

Our team at Hello Talent takes an evolutionary approach to the features we build. This means that new features we release will continue to see updates and improvements – what you see today is just the first version of something even better coming down the road.

If you have your own ideas for how we can improve Hello Talent email us at