product update hello talent

What’s new in Hello Talent?

We’ve got one new feature and one handy update for you this week.

Copy Statuses Between Pools

It is now possible to copy custom statuses from one pool to another. Whether you are creating a new pool, or just want to update a current one, you can now quickly and easily copy an existing set of statuses from another pool.

Copy statuses to a new pool.


Copy statuses to an existing pool.


Update: Automatic-Filter and Candidate Listing in Your Talent Pools

Last week we launched our new internal search engine to help you quickly and easily filter through all the profiles in your talent pools. After the update some users experienced problems with how candidates were displayed in their pools, with things being in alphabetical order rather than when a profile was last added or updated. We’ve since fixed this and will be releasing more updates in the coming weeks to improve how candidates are displayed in your pools.

As usual, we have lots more updates coming, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you haven’t already created your free Hello Talent account you can sign up right here!