product update hello talent

This weeks updates are a tale of the Beta, the Little Thing, and The Much Requested Thing.

The Beta

More of you, from companies both big and small, have started using the application form as a way of getting people to apply to your pools. As use of this feature has grown we’ve decided to give you the ability to add your own job description, employer branding, and more.

We’re still testing a lot of parts related to how it will work, which is why we’ve decided to release it as a beta to everyone – even our free users. You can access it under the manage tab of your talent pool. Try it today and let us know what you think!

The Little Thing

We’ve made a small change to the color assigned to the default statuses when a new pool is created. Rather than have everything be one color we’ve made it so that each status has a unique color, thereby making it easier for you to differentiate between them. Remember, statuses are fully customizable in each of your talent pools, so don’t forget to adjust them based on the unique processes you use for each pool!


The Much Requested Thing

Back in March we rolled out our Advanced Search in Hello Talent. While this helped many of you to more easily organize and manage talent pools filled with hundreds, or even thousands, of candidates, a few of you were having trouble finding profiles that truly matched your search results.

Over the past two months we’ve received lots of requests for us to update the search feature to only show candidates that meet ALL your search criteria rather than just some of it. Because we love you, we’ve updated the search feature to do just that. In Boolean terms this means that your searches will yield results based on AND rather than OR.

Happily Every After

This tale concludes with you successfully sourcing, managing, and recruiting AMAZING candidates with Hello Talent as everyone lives happily ever after.

That’s what we hope anyways 😉

We’re still hard at work on building new features and making Hello Talent the best recruiting tool out there – and most of our improvements are a direct result of your feedback, so keep it coming!