product update hello talent

This month we’ve added new browser extensions for Edge and Firefox, apply via email, and improved comment sharing.

Edge and Firefox Extensions

To better support our Edge and Firefox users we’ve rolled out new extensions that are identical to our Google Chrome extension. Now you have the ability to source candidates on multiple browsers.

Download the Edge extension here

Download the Firefox extension here

Create a profile via Email

Whether you are hosting open applications, running a referral program, or doing something else, you can have people send CVs to your talent pools via email. You can also forward any resume received by email. The Hello Talent CV parser will automatically take all the relevant details to create a candidate profile.

This feature is part of our enterprise package. To learn how Hello Talent can help your team elevate its sourcing game reach out to us at

Improved Comment Sharing

To help make collaboration even easier we’ve updated notification emails to include the text someone has tagged you in.

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