Looking for a cool way to check your sourcing skills or train others? We’ve come across an awesome little website called Sourcing Games that should do the trick. Created by Jan Tegze, this site presents you with challenges and riddles that require you to use sourcing tricks to solve them.

Tegze throws the gauntlet down with the very first challenge, telling viewers that most sourcers can’t even pass the first level.

sourcing games first puzzle

Don’t worry though, there is a solution. Once you’ve found it you’ll be presented with a new challenge. Each time you solve a puzzle you’ll be taken to another one, which will probably require a different set of tricks to get past. In short, its a sourcer’s paradise.

At Hello Talent we’re in love with this site for a couple of reasons. First, we love sourcing and everything geared towards it. Second, its a great way to not only test your own skills, but demonstrate to those not familiar with sourcing how challenging it can be and what kind of benefits it can offer.

It is for this reason that we want to award Sourcing Games with the title Best Sourcing Mini-Game Ever. We’ve never given this award away before, and unfortunately for Tegze it doesn’t come with any prizes, BUT we do love it and we want to make sure it gets the recognition it deserves. If you have a passion for sourcing you definitely have to give it a try.

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