best recruiting blogs

Looking for the best recruiting blogs to give you the edge you need to find and hire top talent? We’re back with another list, highlighting our 15 favorites in 2018.

This year we’ve divided them into two categories: network/service and personal. Network blogs have multiple contributors and may also be directly associated with a product or service. Personal blogs are run by one individual, but may have guest contributors on occasion.

Network Blogs

ERE Media

Home to ERE, Sourcecon, and TLNT, ERE Media has an incredible volume of great content coming out each month. One of the secrets to their success is that most of their articles are submitted by working professionals. This means that the insights you are reading are provided by actual experts who are making things happen day in, day out.

Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter does a great job at covering a wide range of trends. While it focuses on recruiting it isn’t afraid to integrate HR best practices that recruiters can at times neglect. Another strength is that this blog has a fair number of articles oriented towards the European market, giving this blog a more diverse set of viewpoints.

Recruiting Blogs

Recruiting blogs covers multiple areas in recruiting, including a specific blog dedicated to nothing but recruiting tools. Their contributors are real experts in their field, with people like Dean Da Costa providing detailed insights on a regular basis.

Fistful of Talent

In addition to having the coolest name of all the blogs listed here, Fistful of Talent consistently produces content that is as insightful as it is fun and interesting. Writers connect their points to basketball, dating apps, and… wait for it… Drake.

Talent Culture

Talent Culture is run by HR wiz Meghan M. Biro (who also works as an analyst for Forbes). One of the things that makes Talent Culture such a great blog is how actionable all its content is. Virtually everything you read is going to give you take-aways you can immediately implement.


In addition to offering great content, Workology has also launched an on-demand learning platform for HR and recruiting. There are courses for every level of experience, but even if you don’t sign up, their free content is absolutely worth a read.

Indeed Blog

Indeed is known mostly for being one of the biggest job boards in the world, but it also has a great blog. New posts come out several times a week, which means you’ll never miss out on the latest news, trends, and best practices.

Social Talent

Here at Hello Talent we’re not allowed to pick favorites, but if we were, we’d probably pick Social Talent. Social Talent’s content manages to combine expert insights and truly good copywriting into one awesome package (side note: this author is definitely jealous). If you only read one blog (besides this one), Social Talent isn’t a bad way to go.

Personal Blogs

K M Borowicz

Kasia Borowicz is a well respected sourcer, trainer, and speaker. Her blog provides a great mix of personal experiences, memorable explanations, and useful advice. This post about getting locked out of LinkedIn and feeling like it’s a breakup is particularly good.

Jim Stroud Blog

Jim Stroud is one of the most respected minds in the world of recruiting. If you are ever near an event where he is speaking, don’t miss it. His blog is just as good as his keynotes. Bookmark it ASAP.

Boolean Blackbelt

Glen Cathey is another one of our absolute favorite speakers and writers. He combines a deep technical knowledge with the more human side of sourcing, helping to ensure that you don’t just find candidates, but you build relationships with them that lead to more placements over time.

Boolean Strings

Every time someone argues that machines can source better than humans Irina Shamaeva is there to prove them wrong. There are few, if any, people better than her at sourcing hidden candidates. Fortunately for the rest of us, she’s always willing to share her insights.

The Savage Truth

Greg Savage brings a wealth of experience and success to his blog. One of our favorite sections is Sixty Savage Seconds. In just one minute he’s able to deliver great advice and excellent questions to help you stay on top of your game.

Recruiting Brainfood

While this is technically not a blog, Hung Lee’s newsletter has become one of the most popular weekly’s in the recruiting space. It’s a great aggregation of everything you need to know, every single week.

Sourcing Games

This is also not a blog, but Jan Tegze’s site is one of our favorite places on the internet and the perfect way to test your sourcing skills. We first wrote about it in 2016, and still can’t get enough. The game has 12 levels so far, and more on the way.

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