With Christmas and other holidays just around the corner we here at Hello Talent wanted to reflect on what has been an amazing year. We’ve grown to have over 6,000 users in more than 30 different countries, we’ve added several new tools like emailing and automated social media aggregation, and we launched our first set of premium features.

While we’re very proud of this, we know that we can’t take most of the credit. Our success has been thanks to you, our users.

As a small expression of gratitude, we got together and brainstormed five reasons we think sourcers and recruiters like you are the best.

1) Tight Knit, Friendly Community 

There are few other professional communities out there where people are so willing to share new tools (including ours) as well as tips and tricks with each other. We’ve even seen you share with your direct competitors! Sourcers and recruiters are dedicated to each other’s success. It’s a great thing to watch.

2) Always ready to give feedback

Sourcers are always looking for new, different ways to do things. This applies to the tools they use as well. You guys have been AMAZING about giving us useful feedback about how we can make Hello Talent work even better. Without you we wouldn’t be near as far along as we are today.

3) Creative, Out of the Box Thinking

For the uninitiated, talent acquisition doesn’t usually conjure notions of creativity. However, if you ask anyone who has had to find a purple squirrel they will quickly tell you that creativity isn’t optional, its mandatory. The unique, and sometimes hilarious ways you use tools, hack for candidates, and pitch opportunities to them is a sight to behold.

4) Constantly Hunting for New Innovations

Anyone who has ever seen Dean Dacosta and his hundreds of Chrome extensions in action knows how much interesting, exciting technology there is out there for sourcing. You guys are constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations, which is one of the reasons Hello Talent and other tools have been able to thrive. Not every industry is so quick to find and adopt new technology, which makes you guys pretty darn cool.

5) You Know You’re in the People Business

Nearly every sourcing and recruiting professional we talk with brings up the fact that talent acquisition is all about people. While it is possible to view it all in terms of costs, commissions, and statistics, we just don’t see you do that very often. Instead we see you focusing on building relationships and helping people find jobs that give them fulfillment. You treat people like people rather than numbers.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped to make it such a great year for Hello Talent. We have absolutely loved being a part of the sourcing and recruiting communities and cannot wait to show you what we’re building for 2017. See you next year!