Ah resolutions, the promises we make ourselves with a bright new year ahead. But instead of just setting those personal goals, whatever they may be, it’s also a good idea to pull together some work-related resolutions too.

While it’s unlikely you’ll be sitting in your boss’s chair this time next year or earning 3x as much as you are now (we can all dream) there are some manageable goals you can create as a recruiter.

These resolutions will make you better at your job, more efficient and could even land you some extra commission.


Recruitment resolution 1 : Improve your communication over email

Emails are usually the doorway to a new candidate. They’re formal without feeling too stuffy but don’t feel as annoying as a cold call. However, they’re also very easy to ignore and so you may need to do some work to improve how many candidates you reach and their engagement with your pitch.

Here are a few tips to try out as part of this resolution in 2019:

  • Give a little more away – Don’t hold too much information close to your chest, give candidates some of the juicier information (e.g. salary and the company name) up front to spark interest.
  • Don’t copy and paste – Candidates want to feel like they’ve been specially picked out of a big line up, ensure your email is personal and not a generic copy and paste job.

For more good practices and tips on writing recruitment emails, consult our ebook.


Recruitment resolution 2 : Don’t be afraid to follow up

Those newer to the field may be a little scared to pick up the phone and chase up that introduction email. If you don’t get a response in a few days give them a call to find out their thoughts on the position you’re offering. Keep things informal and chatty and try to gauge whether they’d be interested in the future if they’re not now.


Recruitment resolution 3: Plan your day better

Take some time to reconsider how you’re spending your day, it could be better managed to make the most of your time and reach candidates when they’re more available to talk. Try to do follow up phone calls and fact-finding calls first thing in the morning, around lunchtime and at the end of the day to catch candidates at times that may suit them better.


Emails and discussions with clients and your wider team can be easily done between those hours, to cover the rest of your work but speaking directly to those candidates directly is perhaps the most important element of your job.


Recruitment resolution 4: Use a measurement tool to see what tactics are working

You could be trying something new every month but if you can’t measure its effectiveness how do you know whether to switch it up or keep going? A tool that sees when people opened your email is a good one to convince your IT team to implement – if you’re using Gmail you’ll find that there are plugins available for this. As well as this, there are other things you can measure without a fancy tool.

  • How often candidates respond
  • When candidates refer the role to a colleague or friend
  • How many candidates approached via email get a face-to-face interview.

Make tracking these three things a resolution for 2019, to determine how effective your current approach is and try something new if you’re not getting the results you need.


Recruitment resolution 5: Stay in touch

Once that candidate is through the door and in that new role you found for them, stay in touch. Add them to the business email Christmas card list and touch base with them and the recruiter in 6 months to ensure they’re happy. It shows you care about their prospects, that they were never just another commission project and that you’re still there if they need another role.


This resolution also applies to the candidate prospecting process, ensure the client receives regular updates while you compile a selection of suitable people for them to vet. They’re paying for a recruitment service, so just a quick email or a five-minute phone call is enough to ensure they feel like you’re working hard for them, even if you’re waiting on responses from people and focusing on other work.


This year, try and master these recruitment related resolutions to smash your goals, impress your boss and get those candidates through the door and in a job they love! If you’re looking for software to support your recruitment processes, take a look at the Hello Talent offering here.