One of the best parts of talent sourcing is the opportunity to be part of a very active, innovative community. Sourcers are by their nature creative, out of the box talent hackers who are constantly coming up with new ways to find and recruit great candidates. More importantly though, they often like to share their insights, and Twitter is the perfect place to read what they have to say.

To help you stay on top of the latest sourcing ideas, trends, and discoveries we’ve put together a list of 15 Sourcers you should be following on Twitter. Some of them you might already know, but each one of them is someone to keep your eye on.

Katrina Collier, @KatrinaMCollier

Katrina Collier, social media recruitment trainer, speaker, and expert sourcer.

Dean Da Costa, @Deandacosta

Dean Da Costa, Sourcing expert with an incredibly in depth knowledge of all the best sourcing tools.

Travis Laird, @Staffing_Travis

Travis Laird, Staffing, sourcing, and talent acquisition consultant.

Maisha L. Cannon, @talentgenie

Maisha Cannon, Experienced sourcer who will also be speaking at SourceCon 2016

Matt Charney, @mattcharney

Matt Charney, Blogger, sourcer, and all around great person to follow on social media.

Kasia Borowicz, @kmborowicz

Kasia Borowicz, Social recruiting expert and blogger. Gives great insights into the role culture can play.

Monali Parmar, @MonaliParmar

Monali Parmar, Experienced executive recruiter.

Pete Radloff, @PJRadloff

Pete Radloff, Experienced tech recruiter.

Aaron Daniels, @aaron_daniels

Aaron Daniels, Recruiter and sourcer who is great with Boolean.

Triss Revill, @trisrevill

Triss Revill Twitter Profile

Aaron Lintz, @aaronlintz

Aaron Lintz Twitter Profile

Vince Szymczak, @VinceScy

Vince Szymczak Twitter Profile

Nick Livingston, @nlivingston

Nick Livingston Twitter Profile

Andre J. Boulais, @AndreJBoulais

Andre Boulais Twitter Profile

Jim Stroud, @jimstroud

Jim Stroud Twitter Profile

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