There are lots of great recruiting and sourcing events to attend in 2017. Whether you are looking to build your network, find new technology, or stay on top of the latest best practices, there will be something for you at each of the events we’ve chosen to highlight.


SOSU Europe


One of the largest sourcing events in Europe, SOSU is well known for bringing in a wide range of thought leaders who cover both the hacking and human sides of sourcing. Plus, we’ll be there!

When ? October 2017
Where ? Amsterdam, Netherlands



sourcecon logo

Sourcecon is the premier sourcing event in the USA, featuring both spring and fall editions. There are lots of excellent speakers, and the events usually feature hackathons that allow the best sourcers in the world to get together to share ideas and hack for talent.

When ? March 13-15 2017 and September 25-26 2017
Where ? Anaheim and Austin, USA


HRTech World


“Now is an exciting time to be an HR professional, a profession still heaving with bureaucrat’s and administrators, politics and legacy systems. The global leadership crisis, the 4th industrial revolution and the speed at which technology is disrupting industries, companies and jobs is happening at an exponential pace never seen before. For disruptions and the Future of Work, HR Tech World is the place to be.”

When ? October 24-25 2017
Where ? Amsterdam, Netherlands



onrec logo

OnRec’s fall conference is one of the most important recruitment events in the UK. Everything is packed into just a half-day meaning you get a load of great insights without having to spend too much time away from the office.

When ? October 11 2017
Where ? London, UK


Hubday – Future of Work


Hubday is a major event for France-based HR professionals. The way in which work is going to change in the coming years is on everyone’s mind, and Hubday will bring in 20 speakers from a variety of background to help HR professionals (including sourcers and recruiters) learn how to ensure their organizations are able to make a successful transition to the new way of working.

When ? November 16
Where ? Paris, France


HRO Today

hrotoday event

HRO Today brings some of the most experienced HR professionals from around the globe together for two days to cover a wide variety of topics. Recruiting remains a key point for many organizations, so thought leaders in this field are always there to share their insights. the event also features the iTalent competition, where companies creating new, disruptive HR technologies are able to pitch their products and receive votes from a panel of judges as well as the audience.

When ? November 6-8
Where ? Dublin, Ireland


ERE Recruiting Conference


ERE Media, one of the largest (and best) blogs about recruiting, hosts this set of conferences and focuses on a wide topic of recruitment related issues. Feedback about these events is always good, and should be noted as a must attend for corporate recruitment professionals.

When ? April 18-20 and October 16-18 2017
Where ? San Diego and Minneapolis, USA




The Society for Human Resource Management is hosting its annual conference in New Orleans this year and it is looking like it will be quite the event to attend. SHRM has a vast membership of highly talented HR professionals, and they’ll all be coming together for three days to help look at ways to ensure that HR (and recruiting) remain strategically integral parts of the workplace.

When ? June 18-21 2017
Where ? New Orleans, USA


HRU Events


HRU hosts a series of small conferences in different cities around the globe year around. Events are usually limited to 120-150 attendees and provide an intimate setting for ideas to not only be exchanged, but challenged and tested. HRU events focus on one or two themes, making it easy to see which ones work for you. Plus, they’re usually free and are always incredibly well run and organized.

When ? All year
Where ? Brussels, London, Stockholm, Barcelona, and more. These events are global!



trusourcing logo

One of the best sourcing events in France, and hosted by our friends from Linkhumans France, TruSourcing is part of the “unconference” model set up by Bill Boorman. Attendees can attend tracks that are lead by one speaker, but rather than listen to a presentation the track acts as a conversation where everyone can share their experiences and ideas.

When ? September 2017
Where ? Paris, France

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