Recruiting and sourcing talented candidates can be a tough job. Fortunately there are several great blogs out there where experts and thought leaders share ways to make it easier. To help you be an even better sourcer and recruiter here are ten of our favorite blogs, in no particular order, you HAVE to read.

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This blog was founded by Jessica Miller-Merrel, VP of Talent Strategies at Advanced Group, and focuses on her passion for social media and recruiting. This blog covers topics like HR, Recruiting, Sourcing, Job Search and Leadership and was built to be a “uncomfortable yet necessary” place for its reader, to push themselves to be better every day.


Bill Boorman, the sourcing thought leader made famous for wearing a hat everywhere he goes started this blog to share his insight. Content on the blog includes everything related to recruiting, technology, HR and social media.


This is the personal blog of Matt Charney, Managing Editor of Recruiting Daily. He considers himself to be a recruiting and HR geek and was named by the Huffington Post as one of the 100 Top HR Experts and one of the Top 25 Recruiting Experts on Twitter. His self-described snarky approach makes for reading that is as entertaining as it is useful.


Glen Cathey created this blog to share his obsession with talent attraction, engagement and acquisition. He is SVP Talent Acquisition Strategy and Innovation at Kforce and shares a lot of their best practices right on the site.


Irina Shamaeva is a thought leader about sourcing, social recruiting, and internet research and works as the Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting. On this blog, she offers her sourcing discoveries, shares tips, and discusses strategies.


This is one of the blogs from ERE Media, and is “by sourcers for sourcers.” Everything is geared towards helping you share ideas, tools and tips to be better and better at your job. SourceCon says its goal is to “inform, encourage, and empower” professionals. It also shares recruiting industry news and survey results.


Jim Stroud, one of the biggest names in sourcing uses the blog that bears his name to share articles, podcasts, and videos all about sourcing. We also recommend giving his YouTube channel a look.


HR platform where recruiters can share best practices and insight about all topics related to Human Resources and Recruitment. It is one of the best sites on the market today, providing on point content written by great professionals.


The Undercover Recruiter is the top recruitment and career blog in Europe. It is intended to share a diverse content about Recruiting for both HR professionals and job seekers : Best practices, Industry news and trends, job search tips, Infographics, etc. Its contributors are the best experts and thought leaders of the industry.


General recruitment and HR blog, sharing blogs, webinars, videos, tips and industry trends, event information, and whitepapers. It’s got a large community of HR professionals (+36 000) discussing and sharing their thoughts about jobs, tools they use, latest techniques.

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