About Us

About Us


Hello Talent is designed to help you work simply and efficiently in your recruiting process. By combining recruiting and candidate relationship management into one tool we ensure that your business, no matter the size, can hire the talent you need. Add candidates from any website in just one click, nurture them through the recruiting process, and collaborate with your team as you manage them in specialized talent pools. Hello Talent is built to be intuitive, with no setup or training required. Simply log in and start hiring! Create your free account at www.hellotalent.com.


About the Team


We’re driven by the idea that an organization’s success is determined by the quality of its people. Hiring the best people often requires proactive recruiting, effective candidate relationship management, and smooth collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers – which is why we’ve created a tool that combines these features in an intuitive interface that empowers businesses like yours to hire the talent you need.

Using the years of experience and knowledge in human capital management found in our parent company, Talentsoft, we put a diverse team together with people from a variety of backgrounds (HR, marketing, software, entrepreneurship, and more) to create an innovative way for you to recruit the right people for the right jobs – and the result is Hello Talent.


About Our Parent Company, Talentsoft



Talentsoft is the European leader in Cloud-based talent management and learning software. The company serves 1,800 customers and 9 million users across every continent and its application is available in 27 languages.

Talentsoft combination of core HR and ready-to-use HR analytics dashboards, and fully leverages the synergies between competency management, career paths, and learning opportunities. The application covers the entire talent management cycle: recruiting, onboarding, performance, talent review, competencies development, learning and compensation.

Because it is no longer just about HR digitalization, but about organizations’ global transformation, Talentsoft offers an ultra-customizable collaborative digital platform that fosters interactions and transforms employees’ work experience by integrating competencies management with career paths and training courses.

Establishing a relationship of trust with each of your employees is HR’s main mission. Our application helps install a continuous conversation between employees, managers and HR, while leaving the HR agenda. It supports interactions and key moments of the employee’s life to help managers and HR in their decision-making and to promote the expression of all the talents within the organization.