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Stop using spreadsheets to organize passive candidates and start using Hello Talent
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Use collaborative talent pools to build your talent pipeline

Tired of posting jobs and waiting too long for candidates to apply? Be proactive with Hello Talent!
Source top talent

Add candidates to your talent pools from anywhere you find them online

Make recruiting a team sport

Work together to add profiles, tag skills, share comments, and more

Hire the right candidates

Use Hello Talent to make sure you hire the right people for the right jobs

Built for businesses of all sizes

  • Recruiters

    Leave your spreadsheets behind and use Hello Talent. Stay organized, coordinate with your team, and share pools with your customers to get them involved and keep them up to date.

  • Startups and small businesses

    Think proactively about hiring and work with your team to find and hire passive candidates who might not otherwise see your job postings. Save money using Hello Talent instead of an expensive ATS.

  • Medium to Large Businesses

    Make sure your recruiters are able to effectively build talent pipelines, stay organized, and work well with hiring managers. Integrate Hello Talent with your ATS to ensure your recruiting process remains streamlined.

  • You

    Whether you’re an independent recruiter or just trying to organize your network Hello Talent can help you keep information about people in your networks in one place.

Make better hires by being a proactive recruiter

In today’s competitive world you can’t afford to simply post a job vacancy and wait for people to apply. If you want hire talented people who will fit in on your team you have to go look for them. You have to be a proactive recruiter.

With Hello Talent you don't think in terms of job vacancies and applicants, you think in terms of talent pools and prospective candidates.

Don't wait for candidates to come to youGo find them instead!

Proactive recruiting starts with going out and looking for the best candidates. When you find great people on different websites and social networks you're going to need a way to keep them organized. Use our extension to instantly add candidates to your talent pools in one click no matter where you find them online.

Free for everyone. Custom service available.


Because proactive recruiting is for everyone

Ditch your spreadsheets. Create talent pools, tag, review, and organize profiles, work together to hire candidates, and create simple application forms for candidates to submit their profiles to your pools.

Bulk data import, custom integration with your ATS, and more

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